Sugar Glass Postrelicioso

Sweeten your best moments!

Give your creations the sweetness you want with 100% cane sugar, perfect for decorating or preparing your desserts.

Net content: 400 g, 1 kg


Try the most delicious combo

We added a splash of Vainilla Molina to our powdered sugar to sweeten and enhance the flavors in your favorite recipes with a single ingredient.

Net content: 400 g


Enjoy all the nutrients in cacao.

Start your day off with a nice breakfast or make healthier versions of your favorite desserts with all the nutrients in our sugar-free powdered cacao.

Net content: 100 g

Vainilla Molina® is more than you think.
Choose from our three vanilla types and pour a splash on your creations:

Vainilla Molina

Let’s turn the ordinary
into something extraordinary!

Our versatile Mexican Vanilla Blend is perfect for any type of dishes such as meat, fish and chicken. Also, you can give a special touch to your coffee and smoothies, bake tasty cakes and cookies, and, even so, delicious drinks and cocktails.

Net Content: 120 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 l, 4 l, 20 l y 50 l

Vainilla Molina Clear

Colorful recipes!

Pour a transparent splash on your colorful recipes with Vainilla Molina Clear and enjoy our original flavor. Use it to make gellatin, smoothies, cookies, ice cream, popsicles, aguas frescas, or any creation you can think of.

Net Content: 120 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 l, 4 l, 20 l y 50 l

Vainilla Molina Pure Vanilla Extract

For your high-cuisine dishes!

Add a gourmet splash to your high-cuisine dishes with the purity of our Molina Pure Vanilla Extract. It is perfect for your any kind of dishes, as well as for making drinks, ice cream, smoothies, churros, desserts, sweets, cookies, eggnog… there are more options than you can imagine!

Net Content: 120 ml