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Let´s make a CANDY BAR

13 / 06 / 2022

Candy bars can be found at almost any major celebration these days, especially weddings. And at first glance, they seem simple enough to pull off, but there are several details that have to be figured out in order to make them perfect. Here are some tips for you to apply to your candy bar at your next big summer event!

The theme

Start by deciding on a theme for the party! Once you have that, you can focus on building a candy bar accordingly. A color scheme is important, but adding accent colors to the bar will keep it from looking bland.

The table 

Choose a table to display your candy! You'll need something stable--and suitable for the outdoors if needed. You can use a nice desk, a vintage dining table or a cute cart! What you choose also depends on the theme.

Create levels

Play with different heights to create movement and a natural flow. You can use wooden boxes or cake stands. Try also adding 

flowers, balloons or any other fun elements for different heights. This is key to make the table look fuller and more appealing.

Amount of desserts

It's important to take this into account from the beginning. Make sure you know how many guests are attending so that you can have enough sweets for everyone.

Remember that some guests won't have much of a sweet tooth, but many others will definitely go for it!

Establish a menu

We suggest keeping the menu in theme. For example, if it's a Mexican party, you can add churro cupcakes, churro bites or piñata cupcakes.

The most important thing is sticking to the theme of the party! We hope these tips will be useful the next time you decide to throw a big party!