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Keys to achieve all your goals for this 2022

21 / 12 / 2021

New Year's resolutions are promises we make to ourselves to improve day by day, but we usually forget about them over time. Here are some things you can do to make sure you DO meet the goals you've set for the new year.

1. Brainstorm

Make a list of things you COULD do, no matter how crazy they may seem. For each idea, ask yourself: Does it improve your health? How does it influence your relationships? Would it benefit someone else? Can it make any difference in the world, however small?


2. Choose one or two big goals

Make sure these are things well within your control and reach. If they aren't achievable, you'll likely give up on them. Also, try not to think about it too much! Usually the most important goals are the ones that immediately come to mind.


3. Plan

If your resolutions are complicated, you'll get confused and probably give up on them. Plan by stages or map out a strategy so that your goals keep making sense and you don't lose your way.


4. Share your goals with others

Discuss your goals and the reasons you established them with your loved ones. This is an easy way to get moral support, and maybe a different perspective or fresh advice will help you achieve them.


5. Have them at hand

It's easier to achieve our goals when we have them written down somewhere close. Try and have them written on a calendar, planner, note on the fridge or whiteboard.


6. Don´t hesitate

If you already have everything ready to put your plan into action, start right away! If you leave it “for tomorrow,” it may be harder for you to start.


7. Create a conducive environment

It's harder to accomplish something if your environment isn't ideal. For example, if your resolution is to be more organized, it probably won't help if your desk is in a garage piled with boxes or a bedroom used as storage.


8. Reward yourself

Each time you accomplish an important step in your resolution, try to reward yourself with something you absolutely love in order to keep that motivation going.


9. Keep a diary

It's important to keep track of your progress. That way you have actual documentation, which can only serve to motivate you even more. You can even see this as an opportunity to start your own blog to share your experiences with others.

With these helpful tips on your side, you're on your way to success. Follow us on social media to tell us how your New Year's Resolutions are going throughout the year!

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