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Take a splash of Vanilla Molina® to your days, here you will find how.

Oven-fresh love!

28 / 09 / 2021

We all know that the last few months have been complicated, with changes in our lifestyles, mixed emotions and many of us missing our loved ones.

All of this has taught us to value the people we love the most and to express that love. 

That's why we want to help you make your desserts with love! Homemade desserts are deliciously unique because of the time and dedication that goes into them--and you can't put a price on that! 

No matter where we are, we can always set aside some time to show our love, and we've discovered that desserts are the perfect way to do it. You can bake delicious cookies, chocolatey cakes, cute cupcakes and more!

Join us this Baking Season as we bake desserts from the heart, or as we're calling it, OVEN-FRESH LOVE!

We'll have great surprises and gifts for you! Remember that baking is love made edible, and with a splash of Vainilla Molina, the results are even better.

Splash it with Molina!