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5 ideas to increase your bakery's sales

08 / 06 / 2021

We all love cupcakes and cookies! If you've started your business and want to increase your sales, we invite you to continue reading and put these simple steps into practice.

 1. Give samples away to your acquaintances. 

Do you ever have people over? Give them a few samples of your pastries and get their feedback. This will help you improve your recipes and/or presentations.


2. Offer your products for events such as Mother's Day, birthdays and weddings. 

Keep track of important dates such as national holidays. Also, keeping track of your loved ones' birthdays will help you offer your services in advance. 


3. Approach local businesses. 

Many places such as  coffee shops or restaurants accept homemade baked goods. Approach them and offer your creations! 


4. Advertise on social media. 

Maintain a presence on social media, with Instagram and/or Facebook. Fill your pages with simple videos, baking processes, pastry decorating, and always show the final result with beautiful pictures. 


5. Create an attractive environment.

Whether in your physical business or online store, communicate in a friendly way to make your customers feel welcome and cared for.