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Simple, inexpensive, beautiful cake decorations.

01 / 03 / 2021

Did you forget someone's birthday but don't have time to bake a cake? Don't worry, today we'll tell you the secrets to getting out of this trouble. 


Decorate it yourself! 

Buy a ready-made cake without decorations and add color, shine and texture. This way you'll save time, and with these tips, you'll learn new tricks.



Use some frosting, cream cheese with natural coloring, meringue, hazelnut cream or condensed milk. This will add a textured layer to your cake.



Fruit is a simple and sophisticated way to decorate your cakes, and the opportunities are endless! Let your imagination fly, and try different combinations, such as a delicious chocolate cake with strawberry frosting, decorated with pieces of fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, bitter fruit that'll complement the sweetness of the cake... Sounds delicious, right? Fruits will always be the answer when it comes to decorating fast and delicious.



If you want a more eye-catching effect, balloons are the way to go. Just tie them to some skewer sticks and push them into your cake.


Sugar clouds

This makes cakes look so delicate and beautiful! Arrange several pieces of cotton candy on your cake, playing with different shades to give it a more fun and varied effect. It's an easy and inexpensive option. Just buy ready-made cotton candy and you're done!



There are so many  edible flowers, which add a feminine, elegant touch to cakes. If you can't get them, you can make your own flowers from pastry cream, buttercream, fondant or whipped cream.


So now you know! In your next cake, show off your talent and everything you learned.