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Good habits to start the year

19 / 01 / 2021

Good habits are meant to make us stop being so lazy and adopt a more dynamic lifestyle, which will help us be much healthier.

Here are a few options for you to get a good start.

Get rid of everything that hurts you

It's a good time to end bad habits such as smoking, drinking or over-eating; although they give us temporary pleasure, they're not beneficial to our health. This may be difficult at first, so try asking for help from a professional. 


Exercise three times a week

It's not as hard as it looks! Dedicate 3-4 hours weekly to a new cardiovascular workout routine, including running, cycling or swimming.


Adjust your diet

We suggest these healthy substitutes for foods that definitely aren't nutritious:

● Instead of sugary drinks (soft drinks, beer, etc.), drink water, infusions and decaffeinated coffee.

● Instead of food high in sugar and saturated fat (butter, donuts, cakes, chocolate, etc.), eat fruit, cereal, yogurts, and granola/fruit bars.


Get groceries after you eat. You'll feel full, so you'll only buy things you really need.


Start your day off with music

Listen to some music while you're having breakfast, while you're in the shower, or during your drive on the way to work. Try something upbeat when you feel a little off and something relaxing when you need to focus.


Break the rules once a week

Take one day out of the week to break some (but not all) of the rules. Do something you don't normally do. If you feel guilty about it later, don't worry! Just try something different next time.


Now that you know how to change things up to start on the right foot this year, tell us: 

Is there something or someone that's motivating you? Do you know of someone who could improve their lifestyle with these tips? We have to support each other.


Remember to add a splash of Vanilla Molina where you can for that extra kick to start your day off right: delicious and healthy.