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Take a splash of Vanilla Molina® to your days, here you will find how.

Why Vanilla is a favorite scent in perfumery

07 / 11 / 2017

The sweet aroma of vanilla is one of the most recurrent olfactory notes in perfumery, and because it is so familiar and rooted in our life, using it can represent the success of a perfume.

For experts and creators of perfumes, vanilla is a suggestive and mysterious element that is sometimes essential to give personality to the fragrance. Its essence is often used as a background of the essences due to its molecular structure that helps it to stay and fix itself for a longer time on the skin.

In addition, one of its best known properties is that it works as an aroma enhancer, enhancing and accentuating other perfumes.

The benefits of Vanilla aroma

One of the main advantages of perfumes with strong vanilla notes is that it allows us to improve our mood significantly; since having a mild sedative effect; it helps to calm our anxiety and stress, making it easier to rest. Fragrances with this base are often used by people who have depression to help counteract their symptoms.

And for those people who are favorites with mosquitoes, this may be their dream come true, since vanilla has repellent properties and can help reduce the number of pickets.

Vanilla has been in perfumery for several centuries, and it does not seem to lose its popularity. It is also often used as an accent on or "substance X" that brings longing, remembrance and warmth to the fragrance.

Thanks to its versatility, its combinations can be almost endless, we can find a simple and sweet perfume of vanilla that reminds us of the kitchen and love of mom or a much more complex aroma with notes of wood or whiskey.

Its mix with tropical nuances, like coconut, will always remind us of the beach and if we find an exquisite mixture with oriental flowers, it will endow the perfume with an exotic and extravagant personality.

Vanilla is a great favorite in the world of perfume that does not go out of fashion, if you want to know more uses and benefits of it go here: https://www.pinterest.com.mx/vainillamolina/tips-belleza/