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5 food bloggers that you should follow!

26 / 10 / 2017

Photographers, moms and architects who found their true passion in the kitchen. They steal our breath every day and inspire us every time we see their photos on Instagram and Facebook with the treats they prepare.

We introduce to these 5 lovers of the kitchen that share a trickle of that passion that they turned into a way of life.


1.    Delicious Home

Ana Caballero is the creator of the fabulous "Delicious Home", a virtual home where this chef mother shares creative and healthy dishes for the whole family. Ana loves homemade bread recipes and always shares tips on how to maintain our own home garden. Here you can find her blog: https://homedelicioushome.com/


2.    Chokolatpimienta

"Chokolat Pimienta" is the product of the creative Vane Hernández Farías, a Venezuelan pastry lover, food blogger, photographer, food stylist and cook. Although the desserts are their specialty also has exquisite recipes for drinks, lunches, breakfasts and dinners that you can check on her website: https://chokolatpimienta.com/


3.    De Mozo a Chef

Irasema Abril is a food blogger, pastry chef and architect from Mexicali who enjoys making delicious creations in the kitchen, especially desserts, and sharing her experiences and discoveries in her cooking classes. We recommend a recipe of delicious cupcakes that you can find on her blog: https://www.demozoachef.com/


4.    Mis pastelitos

Gris Verduzco is a pastry lover who seeks to make our life a little sweeter and very special with "Mis Pastelitos", a Youtube channel where she shares her weekly recipes of delicious desserts with lots of imagination. We are sure that you will be surprised, like us, with their giant versions of cupcakes and desserts of our favorite cartoons.


5.    Paulina Abascal

Paulina is one of Mexico's most famous chefs and after nearly 25 years of experience, working with El Globo Pastry Company as director of the La Balance brand and participating in representing Mexico at the 2001 Pastry World Cup in France.

Follow them and get inspired with their recipes and imagination!