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Eco-friendly ideas for children's parties!

18 / 09 / 2019

Organizing a fun and environmentally friendly party is possible. We will share several ideas to achieve this, such as making invitations with low environmental impact, organic products to serve desserts and recycling materials to make cute decoration. Let´s check it out! 




An excellent option is to send your invitations by email and you will not spend on paper. 

There are several sites online where you can find hundreds of free templates. Personalize them with your basic information: date, place, and name of the event. It is a green alternative, fast and within reach of a click.




We know that many of the products we buy at the store generate a lot of garbage such as, plastic containers, cutlery, processed foods with fat and excess salts. So, it is time to give way to homemade food and use natural and/or biodegradable containers. How about baking delicious homemade cookies, frozen popsicles made with natural juices, waffles filled with fresh fruits, and sweet dips with healthy options?


Choose fruit containers to serve desserts, such as coconut and pineapple shells, banana tree leaves for candy, etc. Also, avoid plastic straws, and replace them with biodegradable ones.


You can pick a flavor as the main theme or colors that go according to the food: imagine cute carrot cupcakes, rainbow cake pops and refreshing drinks of lemon, watermelon and strawberry.




Have a look around your home, and gather all recyclable materials:  cardstocks, used paper sheets, cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls, ribbons,  tablecloths, kraft paper, broken crayons, etc.

With this you can make cute birthday caps, and line tables with Kraft paper that kids can draw on.

 We would love to be able to fill our party with balloons, right? The bad news is that they are highly polluting and present a choking hazard for children. Fortunately, there are balloons made of 100% organic latex, which poses less of a threat to the environment and children alike."

 You can exchange the classic balloons for lamps, fans, and pompoms of pleated paper.



Remember it´s up to us to take care of our planet. Share this article and let more people know about this eco-friendly party options!