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So you want to be a professional cake decorator?

31 / 07 / 2019

If you like to bake cakes surely you love to decorate them, but did you know that you can become a professional cake decorator and earn money from your knowledge and techniques?


As a cake decorator, you have to work efficiently in the design of unique cakes, assemble them well and make them outstanding with attractive styles for your customers.


Decorating cakes requires much more than basic skills, high concentration and high baking skills are needed. Among the key skills are: creativity, ability to perceive taste and smell, manual dexterity and attention to detail.


Many cake decorators specialize in one specific area, to make

spectacular creations for special events such as: weddings, graduation or theme parties.


There are some levels to become a cake decorator:


  • Degree: it is not necessary to have a bachelor's degree but some basic experience is required. 


  • Field degree: Study of cake decorations, pastries, culinary arts and pastry arts.


  • Certification: Obtained once completed a certain time in a certified school.


If you want to take decoration to the next level, there are steps to do it professionally.


Step 1: Get formal training.


One of the most important aspects is to achieve a certificate through courses or diplomas in pastry or culinary arts. Knowledge can also be obtained through practices under the supervision of highly experienced chefs and bakers.

Many courses allow aspiring cake decorators to learn in areas such as airbrushing, pipes and the use of fondant.


Step 2: Get work experience.


Practice makes a master! Most jobs will prefer to employ professional bakers or people with some experience, so start practicing at home or in local spaces, where you can improve your techniques.


Step 3: Get certified!



There are several places endorsed nationally and internationally, where you can raise your level as a cake decorator. This way you can take advantage of your knowledge to get a better job position.