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Learn modern techniques to decorate cupcakes!

23 / 04 / 2019



Today we want to show you some tricks that can be achieved with a pastry bag. Are you ready? For these tricks you'll need: buttercream with a good consistency, which should be a little more dense, small and jumbo nozzles and waxed paper to practice the techniques. We invite you to dare to create unusual shapes and figures, which can be adapted to your style and taste. Let's go then to practice.


Rope style


A nozzle # 172 is used, to take advantage of the "little teeth" and give the texture of the decoration, making a small point before starting, making turns as closed or open as you want.


Dome style


Elegant and delicate, this style requires a lot of practice, but once dominated it will be your favorite. To achieve this, use a pastry bag with a round XL nozzle, such as # 807. Position the sleeve directly to the cupcake at a 90 degree angle, pressing while you raise the sleeve and let go, creating a kind of waves and ending in a small point.


Mini swirls


Start at the edge of the cupcake, creating small circles and moving the center of the cupcake.


Trembling swirls


Similar to the mini swirls, but you will include zigzag movements through the surface of the cake, ending in a peak at the center.


Stacked shells


Here a row of petals is created from the edge to the center, following a second row but with smaller petals. Go alternating these 2 techniques to finish the surface of the cupcake. You will see that the texture looks amazing.


Mini rosettes


In this case a nozzle dedicated to flowers is used, with which unexpected designs are created. You can experiment by turning the mouthpiece a bit as you distribute the frosting.


Ruffled flyer

It is a technique that produces impressive effects and gives height to the cupcake. Nozzle # 105 is used and gives a raised edge.



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