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Take a splash of Vanilla Molina® to your days, here you will find how.


25 / 03 / 2019

Nowadays, the dessert table or candy bar has become a staple for events such as christenings, weddings, birthdays or pool parties. This is because guests love to enjoy these rich treats during the party, but, it is very important to pay attention to some details such as these:


Do not choose desserts that melt fast 


Although ice cream and ice pops are the favorites of the season, do not, and we repeat, do notoffer them, unless you have a freezer or refrigeration availablein the event. The "melting" factor is vital, so you can offer desserts that do not melt.


Consider the option of hiring the dessert bar


If time is not on your side, you can hire dedicated and specialized companies to set up dessert tables, keeping everything at the right



Avoid glazed desserts


Spring is a season with hotter days. So, is a terrible idea go with glazed dessert, trust us! It could be a disaster.


Keep insects away with VANILLA!


Did you know that insects repel the smell of vanilla? As you read it! Dilute a splash of Vainilla Molina in 1 cup of water and rub the mixture on your tablecloths to prevent mosquitoes, flies and other bugs from reaching your dessert table. 


Serve fruit that does not drip


There is nothing more delicious than biting a piece of cold mango or a slice of fresh watermelon! But have you ever thought about how dirty it can be? You can offer fruit in “bites" presentation or small pieces so that your guests do not have spots on dresses and shirts.



We hope that these tips have been helpful and do not forget to visit our website, where you can find recipes of dishes, desserts and beverages with a splash of creativity, love and lots of Vainilla Molina.