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Let’s make spring desserts in cups!

12 / 03 / 2019

Imagine to enjoy the right amount of dessert, looking chic and elegant. Desserts in cups are a big trend this 2019, because the size is ideal to enjoy as an individual portion with a minimalist and photographic presentation. That, without forgetting that they are super easy to prepare and to eat. Get the most out of this trend with the following recommendations!

Chocolate is the king!

Chocolate will be one of the main ingredients in cold desserts recipes. Create exquisite combinations such as arroz con leche and chocolate, chocolate mousse with mint, chocolate flan, presenting them in fun containers such as glasses and cups, where you can take the trend to another level.

Traditional desserts in mini sizes

Go ahead and prepare your traditional recipes in small containers such as glasses, tequila shots, cups, natural containers such as orange or coconut shells to give a more original presentation to your dessert bar. Remember that the preparation will remain the same and you can let your imagination fly at the time of presentation.

Always trust a good ice cream!

If you do not know what dessert to give to your guests, trust in good old ice cream! The favorite flavor for this season will be coconut. A delicious option, easy to get and prepare. Explore new flavors by combining it with vanilla, dulce de leche, seasonal fruits and aromatic leaves such as basil and lavender.

As you can see, spring comes with several fun ideas! Start experimenting with different flavors and presentations until you master them all. Get inspired by our online recipe book and add a little creativity to your kitchen! http://en.vainillamolina.com/recetas